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Investment Platforms in SA | LISPS

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A LISP (with capital letters) doesn't refer to a speech impediment, but is South African financial jargon for an investment platform where you can:

Technically speaking, LISP stands for Linked Investment Service Provider, but it's an unfortunate name as it's long-winded & does not tell you much. Rather just think of a LISP as an investment platform.

LISPS focus on retirement money

LISPS focus on providing retirement annuities, preservation funds, and ILLAS (Investment Linked Life Annuities).

LISPS v Direct Investment

If you wanted to switch from investing directly with one asset manager to investing directly with another, you'd need to (1) provide an instruction to disinvest into your bank account, (2) once the money has landed in your bank account, complete the paperwork, and forward it onto the next asset manager.

Selecting a LISP Investment Platform

Pay attention to:

Absa Management Services

Alexander Forbes Investment Platform

Allan Gray Investment Platform

Capricorn Asset Management


Discovery Invest

Fairbairn Capital (Old Mutual)

Glacier (Sanlam)

Investec iSelect

Liberty Gateway Investment Plan

Momentum Benefits at Work

Momento Investo

Momentum Wealth - Fundshop

Nedbank Private Wealth

Old Mutual Max Income

Old Mutual Wealth

PSG Asset Management Administration Services

Stanlib Wealth Management

Sygnia Financial Services

[This is not a comprehensive list. If you have info you would like added, please email it to and I'll update the article]

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