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Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa

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1st for Women is also 1st for Men...well at least for me - they get my vote as the top car insurer in South Africa.

How I judged the insurers

May 2012. I first eliminated any car insurer whose ratio of complaints to compliments was more than 50% on Hellopeter. I have ranked the remaining insurers by the price they quoted me. Interestingly, the 2 insurers with the best prices also had the least discrepancy between their online & telephonic quotes.


1st for Women

Virgin Money


Vir Seker


Auto & General




Dial Direct














Car Hire Benefit (15 days)








R30 (27 days)

R275 (20 days)



Telephonic quote (including car hire)
















No online



No online

No online




Top Car Insurance* the online quote didn't give me a chance to fill in SASRIA cover, car hire or hail cover

** if the damages are more than R5000 then Virgin pay the full amount

*** Quote is R20 higher if I reduce the excess to R3550

**** MiWay phoned me up a week later to say that they were running super specials for a 2 hour period (I wonder whether they do this as standard practice for people who won't take up their initial quotes?)


Obviously the price above will differ for you, and even the terms the various insurers offer differ. I did this on 19 May 2012, and I'm sure prices will change over time. This is for car insurance alone - it's possible that if you mix it with household insurance you can get a better quote with other insurers.

Here's the specs I used in getting to those prices:

Type of Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance

Year of car


Make of car

Toyota Yaris T3 Spirit 5DR, manual

Sound system

Value of R10,000; Factory Fitted (Budget Insurance said that the factory-fitted was R1,400; so used that rate; Amsure said that they would insure the sound system as part of the vehicle rather than as R10,000)



Tracking device

No tracking device on vehicle

Vehicle is used for private use only (not business)

Central locking is on the key

Engine hasn't been upgraded


Pinelands (7405)

Overnight parking

In Yard - with locked gates

Driver's marital status


Driver's occupation

Self-employed (working for a private company)

Driver's gender


Driver's date of getting licence

January 1990, new card first issued in March 1999 (initially in the online quotes I filled in the date I got my licence, but in the telephonic calls I realise they wanted the date on my card). Budget says that full discount is if you have a licence for more than 5 years.

Driver's age


Driver's type of licence

RSA Drivers Licence (B - motor & trailer)

Driver's claim free years

5 Years with Comprehensive motor insurance. Have never claimed for a stolen vehicle. Last claim in October 2006.

Total years comprehensive insurance

17 years uninterrupted comprehensive motor insurance

Driver has no adverse financial information to disclose relating to him or any business entities he has an interest in (this includes judgments, defaults, liquidations, sequestrations or administration orders). A MiWay question.

Driver has never had any insurance cancelled or been refused renewal of insurance by an insurance company, broker or insurance administrator (MiWay question).

Driver is not a Woolworths Staff member (as asked by Woolworths)

Driver does have a MySchool Card (as asked by Woolworths)

Vehicle is not under finance, it's fully paid off.

Driver is a member of the AA (as asked by AA Insurance)

No other vehicle or home to be insured

No tracking system or anti-hijacking system

Include SASRIA cover

Include hail cover

Market, trade or retail - chose market value cover

Current insurer is Santam, 17 years uninterruped. Currently paying R291/month.

About the vehicle insurers

Out of those with a statistically significant number of replies, Vir Seker have the highest percentage compliments - they're a niche player catering for Afrikaans customers. The highest ranked car insurer catering for the broader market is MiWay, which is Santam's direct insurer (a smart way of moving into the direct market without annoying their broker force too much). The worst ranked is Hollard Insurance. Overall, I'm quite impressed how much better clients rate auto insurers than those participating in the personal loans industry.

More than 50% compliments & integrated phone-online system

The following insurers had a compliments to complaints ratio greater than 50%, and used the info I submitted online, when they called me back:

Amsure car insurance
0860 091011
JV with Auto & General

A friend told me that they were the cheapest, so I decided to check them out.

Amsure insurees
92% compliments
(8% complaints)

Vir Seker
0860 083677
JV with Auto & General

"Jou versekering, jou mense, jou taal". I could understand why they get so many compliments, as they were super-friendly on the telephone.

Vir Seker Insurance
86% compliments

MiWay car insurance
0860 646464
Owned by Santam

You can fix your premiums for 36 months. Asks for your car registration number to generate a quote. R220 joining fee in addition to the premium. Also cover in Botswana & a number of other African countries (but not business use outside South Africa).

MiWay insuree feedback
84% compliments
16% complaints

1st for Women
0860 102844
JV with Auto & General

Maintains that women are more responsible & safer drivers than men. Free Roadside assistance (pink BMWs on the road are theirs). Offers a cash-back option for an additional premium. Premium is guaranteed for 12 months.

First for Women insurees
69% compliments

Woolworths car insurance
0860 105544
031 514 2135 (Alicia)
JV with Auto & General

Your 13th month premium is paid back to you (T&Cs). Get Roadside assistance.

Woolworths Insurance feedback
65% compliments

AA Motor Insurance
0860 346361
JV with Auto & General

AA Tip #3 "Tell us all about your previous insurance claims". Can install a tracking device. Get 40% discount on AA Membership.

AA Insurance
64% compliments

Virgin Money Insurance
0860 105646
031 514 2135 (Kirwin)
JV with Dial Direct Insurance

"Better deal, great service, awesome rewards". Premium guaranteed for 2 years.

Virgin Insurance
62% compliments

Dial Direct car insurance
0860 424424
Part of Telesure Group

Pays your first year's premiums back in cash even if you make certain claims (T&Cs). 24 hour roadside assistance. Will tow free of charge. Bucksback Bonus - if you don't claim after every 48 months, you get the first year's premiums back.

Dial Direct insuree feedback
60% compliments

More than 50% compliments

These insurers do offer online quotes, but they didn't know the details of it when I chatted to them on the phone, and couldn't explain why their telephonic quote was difference.

0860 105116
JV with Dial Direct

2% of premium goes into an eco trust, to reduce your carbon footprint. Head Office & call centre in Johannesburg.

100% compliments (only 2)

Auto & General vehicle cover
0860 252571
Part of Telesure Group

Have a comprehensive off-road vehicle policy, which includes R5000 cover for medical expenses from an accident while driving, and Auto & General install a tracking device. Free roadside assistance. If you have 4 years claim free you get a cashback bonus.

Auto & General insurees
68% compliments

Budget Car Insurance
0860 102356
JV with Auto & General

We know about Budget Car Hire, but there's also a Budget Car Insurance. Buget offer a high excess and normal excess option.

Budget Insurance Brokers
57% compliments

Less than 50% compliments

Outsurance car insurance
0860 060000

No broker fees as they always deal directly with the customer

Outsturance insuree feedback
49% compliments

Autopedigree insurance
0860 331331
Part of the Imperial Group

Provide "Free Insurance Quotations"...just like everybody else!

Autopedigree feedback
39% compliments

iWYZE Car Insurance
0860 939493
JV with Mutual & Federal

Old Mutual Motor Vehicle Insurance

iWYZE insuree feedback
35% compliments

Unity Vehicle Cover
Part of Telesure Group

Dedicated Personal Portfolio Consultant.

Unity insuree feedback
33% compliments

0860 109200
Product of Unity Insurance

Consultants speak isiXhosa & Zulu, as well as English & Afrikaans.

Oakhurst Vehicle Cover
0861 001041

Oakhurst's Pay Per K insurance allows you to pay less if you drive less.

Oakhurst Insurance feedback
31% compliments

Liquid Capital Car Insurance
0861 114384

Part of the Imperial Group, who also run Europcar & Tempest Car Rental

Liquid Capital insuree feedback
29% compliments

Santam car insurance
0860 726826

Includes extensions for the 4x4 owner

Santam insurees
26% compliments

Discovery Insure
0860 751 751

Advanced telematics measure your Driver Quotient™, and you are rewarded for driving well.

Discovery Insure - insuree feedback
25% compliments

FNB Vehicle Insurance
0860 328 328

Keys & Locks cover if you lose your car keys.

FNB Insurance Brokers
25% compliments

Regent car insurance

"By combining your household contents insurance with your car insurance you could save up to 30%"

Regent Insurance
20% compliments

Mutual & Federal
0860 225563

No online forms to fill in

Mutual & Federal insurees
19% compliments

Hollard Pay as you Drive

"If you drive less - you pay less"

Hollard Insurance insurees
18% compliments

Pro tip - if you're interested in finding out the market value of your vehicle, navigate to the Pay as you Drive quotations page, and fill in the year, make & model of your car - it'll then show you.

Toyota Corolla from Hertz

Car Hire comparison services

Hippo car insurance
Part of Telesure Group

Fully automated online quotes from Pay per K, Regent, Budget Insurance Brokers, Dial Direct, Vir Seker, Auto & General, Hollard, ibuyeco, AA Insurance, 1st for Women, Virgin Money, Woolworths Financial Services, Oakhurst Focused Vehicle Cover, Unity & Llody's.

Hippo insuree feedback
71% compliments
29% complaints

Insurance Hound

Sniffs around for the best car insurance quotes. I got a phone call from Dial Direct after I filled in a form with them.

Insurance Hound
100% complaints
(only 1)

Info for a car insurance quote

Typical information required for a car insurance quote is:

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