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OUTsurance Insurance Products

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OUTsuranceOUTsurance was established in 1998. Currently they are part of Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings (RMI) Group which are in turn part of the First Rand Group who also own FNB Bank.


From August 2010, OUTsurance was a composite insurance company offering:

Their core values aim at being the best customer focused insurance provider through:

  1. Saving you money through avoiding middleman/intermediaries and offering the most cost competitive premiums;

  2. Good value for money by processing your claims fast and also offeirng you an OUT Bonus; and

  3. Innovative products that suit market needs.

Car & Motor Cycle Insurance Products

Standard Cover Products


Covers the insured's vehicle and also the property of third parties, where you are held liable for damage to their property. Incidents covered include theft, hijacking and acts of nature like hail, fires and storms.

Limited Cover

Damage caused by fire or natural incidents such as hail and storm as well as for damage caused to the property of other parties; theft and hijack and any damage resulting thereof in the event that the vehicle is recovered. Accidental damage to your own vehicle is not covered.

Liability to Other/Third Parties

Cover for liability to other people where a vehicle accident caused damage to their property.

Tailored Car Products

Essential Insurance

A tailored product to cover the often ignored segment of the market for older and usually cheaper vehicles.


Women are viewed as having a low insurance risk profile compared to men, and so this targeted product offers lower premiums and great rewards such as free handyman call-out, spa treatments on certain claims and handbag cover.

Safe Driver Insurance

A way to help you lower your insurance premiums, thus helping you keep more money in your pocket. Premiums are based on driving habits, as you pay a reduced premium for clocking up less mileage and developing safe driving habits and being more aware of the times of the day and night that you are on the road - in a way it also helps to tame the urban jungle.

True to their tag line 'You always get something out' member benefits include cover within the Southern African Region; reduced rates for vehicle tracking products as well as towing services. 

For a little extra to your premium you can also get: cover for non-factory extras that you add to your vehicle such as the sound system, bull bars and boot spoilers; cover in Eastern Africa; someone to take you and your car home on a night when you have had too much to drink and they even hire out a car when yours is under repair due to an insured incident.

Home Buildings & Household Insurance Products

Household Contents Insurance

Standard Contents Insurance

If nature ever feels jealous about what you have accumulated by throwing a fire, storm, hail or lightning at you, OUTsurance are prepared to cover you. You are protected from that envious person who might think of stealing or causing intentional damage to your valuables. You are also covered for damage caused by a power surge or a burst geyser.

Essential Contents Insurance

So maybe you do not have golden statues in your hallway, a diamond chandelier in the entertainment room but still want to cover your prized household contents. Essential Contents Insurance is a low-cost alternative to Standard Contents Insurance, available for household goods that are worth less than R 50 000.


When you are going-out and you take your personal items such as cellphones or other mobile media devices, jewellery and clothes be it a simple night out, a holiday trip or just going to work. You can have these articles covered for insurance as well.

If your wife comes second to your Webber Braai Master or maybe you have that second home which you hibernate to during the bbrrrr cold winters, then for an extra premium you can also get: cover for veldfires; cover of your property when moving to a new home; cover for garden and leisure equipment such as pool cleaning equipment, jungle gyms or patio sets and also cover for unoccupied buildings.

Home Buildings Insurance

Standard Buildings Insurance

Cover to the building structure as well as any permanent structures that form part of the building. You get cover against any hazard that mother nature can brew-up as well as damage by utilities such as water and electricity. If you are doing any contsruction work or simply doing some alterations to your property you also get cover for all building materials.

Essential Buildings Insurance

If you think Standard Buildings cover is a little too much for your business, then this alternative could fit your business as it covers the bare essentials at a reduced premium ofcourse. It provides insurance cover for buildings that are not bonded and are valued at less than R 200 000.

Pay extra on your monthly premium to cover any additional building; receive full cover against damage caused to geysers or pipes due to rust, decay, faulty workmanship or materials or wear and tear and damage caused by veldfires by paying a little extra on your premium.

Business Insurance Products


Business Car / Fleet Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance

If vehilces are core to your business, then ensure that your business never goes on its knees because of an accident, intentional damage (which includes theft and hijacking), fire as well as acts of nature.

Limited Car Insurance

A more affordable product, but for limited situations like theft, hijacking and fire.

Liability to other parties

A third party insurance product covering your business to an upper limit of R5 million worth of damage to property of third parties.

Here is what you get OUT: 24/7 roadside assistance; storage and towing to the closest repair centre; all repairs carry a 12 month warranty and costs of removing your wreckage in the case of an accident.

For your business you can decide to take on extra cover at an extra premium for: provision of a rental vehicle when yours is under repair or was stolen/hijacked; cover for non-factory fitted accessories such as tow bars and canopies; cover for travel outside South Africa and vehicle credit shortfall cover.

Business Buildings Insurance

You will be covered for loss or damage caused by acts of nature such as wind and lightning as well as damage caused by fire or explosion;

Man-made incidences such as malicious damage; and

Incidental circumstances such as electrical power surges, burst and/or leaking water-supply systems and pipes.

Get OUT: a fixed excess amount; fixed premiums for the first 12 months even if you claim; one of the fastest and most efficient claims process in the industry; stand to get a cash OUTbonus; Help@OUT emergency assistance at your service and free access to prescribed service providers

Add any of the following for a little extra: theft cover for fixtures and fittings; accidental and malicious damage cover for glass forming part of the building structure; land subsidence cover as well as cover for loss of rental income receivable after suffering from an insured incident.

Business Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

Gives you cover for the same risks and hazards that your business buildings are covered for.


Covers busines tools that can be taken off the premises such as tool boxes; doctor's bag and laptops/notebooks

Electronic Equipment

Covers licensed software, scanners, printers, audio or visual equipment or any industrial equipment items.


Industry Specific Insurance Products

Outsurance has also come-up with industry-specific cover for the following enterprises: body corporates; game lodges; hotels & guesthouses; medical professionals and the food industry. The benefits of these products are that they lower the premiums that a business would normally pay yet the cover is not compromised.


Life Insurance Products

Life/Comprehensive Death Cover

For death or a terminal illness your selected beneficiaries receive a benefit. Clients have the option of taking out either the Comprehensive or Accidental cover options.

Disability Insurance

Cover for disability of the insured with the option of taking-out either the Own Occupation or Suitable Occupation Cover.

Critical Illness Insurance

Comprehensive cover in case you are diagnosed with a defined critical illness. The options being either the Comprehensive cover which includes 40 defined diseases or the Core Critical Illness and get cover for 27 specific diseases, which inlcude heart attack, cancer and stroke.

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